Soooo I am so grateful I can spot a shit show when I see one. I was going to vend an event Michael got asked to preform but when I went to apply instead of a $250 vendor fee they hit me with $600. Now I’m not stupid and I’ve worked a lot of festivals. This was a first time festival that did not have the head count or reputation to justify that price. The first thing I said was “it looks like they’re throwing a party they can’t afford. Also instead of communicating through me to collect vendor fees they tried to go through Michael and that was cringey. Now he is not the business owner and if they’re not willing to talk to me I’m definitely not going to give them any money or participate in whatever bullshit game they’re playing.

A week before the event the headliner “cancelled”. When in reality they did not sell enough tickets to book their headliner. Michaelr tried to stay positive regarding his performance and was told he’d be paid $500 for the event. When the headliner cancelled he tried selling tickets too and ended up getting paid the amount he sold tickets vs the original agreement. After arriving I was so happy I was not vending. There were maybe 150 people all either musicians artists or their friends. No one was shopping and I confirmed that after talking to the vendors that did pay to be there.

While on the property “security” gave me a hard time in honestly super inappropriate instances. I don’t drink often and I picked up a can to recycle and was hounded saying I wasn’t aloud to have the beverage in my hand. What I heard was the event wasn’t making any money and they needed me to buy their alcohol. A lot of the artist scheduled to play cancelled and I just don’t understand why they were having a hard time paying their artists. Oh ya it was the Nitrous. So to add insult to injury the show was a mess and getting any assistance in terms of sound set up and scheduling these assholes were MIA. They almost moved Michaels set into the next day. After being there all day to catch a late night set that was not going to be the move. I did not want to be there and it was honestly a super lame party. I love all the artists but in terms of production it was a shit show.

I will be staying away from events like that in 2022. I do not want to vend or have Michael waste his time with whatever cliquey bullshit that was. So happy I did not have to give my energy to that environment and look forward t finding the events that make me happy. It looks like I’m moving out of my house and into a vehicle this year. I’m going to book more modeling and acting jobs while growing my business. I’m going to hire someone to manage my social media accounts and drive traffic to my website. I only want to participate in a few festivals/events a year and want to keep my work remote so I can travel and live this bad ass life. Im going to make a tour schedule and I’ll probably be on the road starting February. I’ve already confirmed the Everglades Roots Festival, Reggae Rise Up, and Okechobee. I’m going to apply for Summer Camp and probably a few others just to keep my options open. I’ll also be managing inventory at a few spaces in Tampa and am excited to see what I can pull off this year.

In terms of the PPP and SBA they both did not pay out. I can submit for another reconsideration and they are requesting a document explaining why my credit is where it’s at. Seriously. Like thats a joke. Right? They took away my income in 2020 which I proved with my taxes and shit they’re just playing the game where they time out the request and don’t have to pay out. So it looks like I’ll have to make my own solutions. We’re literally set up in a system that makes you feel like you’re “failing”. Thats some bullshit and I say no. I don’t expect them to pay out at this point so again I’ll be creating my own solutions. I’ll share more in the next post.
Until Next Time <3

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