I can’t say thank you to everyone enough!
I had the best time at Regge Rise up and the support was incredible <3
The oceanside spot was nice but definitely had more traffic the previous time. I was honestly so grateful to have people shopping with me again πŸ™‚
The days were hot but it’s one of my favorite ways to meet new people and share the product line
I made a vegan nerds rope clusters that everyone seemed to be into
I’ve been super shy vending lately and I know I need to be more outgoing moving forward
I used to offer free samples and I might have to start doing that again. After the pandemic I stopped and just have to get back on that vibe
I thought about doing a dab bar too but ended up not having enough time to pull it off and make it look good.
I’m excited to do it again in March and can’t wait to see everyone again πŸ™‚
Until Next Time <3

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