So Everwild was so much fun but I didn’t do as well as I thought I was going to do business wise. I literally broke even. I’m grateful I didn’t lose money but with that line up I was expecting Reggae Rise Up vibes. Production was amazing and I honestly have no complaints so this event left me feeling weird to say the least. I didn’t like that I had to watch my booth and not enjoy as much of the event but thats part of the game.

I have a festival in Maine I’m heading to next. Im supposed to fire perform and vend and am pretty excited to be back in a state with recreational cannabis. I think I want to go on a bunch of hikes this time around and just take some time to rest. I might get a rental for a few days and I am making it a point to no longer us Air B and B. I have a long drive ahead of me and am really excited for the pretty views.

Until Next Time <3

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