CBD DEO 4 THA B.O. Deodorant

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Citrus Sage, Lemon Lavender, Tea Tree Lavender, Vanilla Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Wild Boy, Spiritual Baddie

5 reviews for CBD DEO 4 THA B.O. Deodorant

  1. Gabby

    I found EZ Life at a night market last month. I am honestly in disbelief about how well this deodorant works. I have tried MANY natural deodorants. most are ok, but this one is EXCELLENT! the scent is soft and light – sometimes patchouli can be strong, but this is not. The most wonderful part is that it works so well that I only need to put it on every other day. This is hard to explain- but this is the first time I have ever used a deodorant with CBD in it, so I’m assuming that must be what’s making the difference. Even with sweating and showering and everything, I have noticed that I have no smell coming from under my arms anymore-even when I haven’t applied the deodorant yet for the day. So I realized I only need to put it on every other day. It’s amazing! Obviously there is no guarantee that it can do that for every person’s body, but I’m telling you it’s worth a try!

  2. Andrew Ensign

    I am having the same experience as Gabby! Fantastic, seriously long lasting and great smelling product here. I came across their booth at a music festival, so very grateful I did!

  3. [email protected]

    The vegan deodorant is A mazingggg! I am sensitive in that area and I knew it was for me when I didn’t get any bumps like some of the other brands gave me. It glides on real smooth and protects me in the Florida heat. No smell no foul! I totally recommend!!

  4. IG: they_call_me_sweet_dee

    I can not express it enough. This deodorant is PHENOMENAL! Period. I put this shit on yesterday MORNING before a long day at work. 24 hours later I’m still smelling fresh. It’s lasted me a long time. I bought mine earlier this year at reggae rise up. I still have it. I don’t use it as often. I personally feel because it’s made with all good things and love 😎 my armpits don’t smell as bad as they could anymore. I am grateful for this product. Please don’t ever stop. I will forever be using it and recommending it!

  5. Rob K

    The vegan deo for tha b.o. is so awesome I had to leave a review. After trying the vanilla patchouli once it’s the only deo I ever want to use again 🙂 Plus the scent lasts soo long!

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