Niles, Ohio
So I’ve never written about what I have going on but figured this could be a fun way to log experiences on the road 🙂

I was Vending at NLQP in Ohio and would say the experience was Wild. I got to Vend for about a month which was really nice. Having a spot to set up during this time made it feel like I had a temporary Brick and Mortar Location. I was disconnected and really had no idea what was going on in the world. The pandemic really hadn’t set in for me because it felt like nothing changed.

Around the first week of July, I started to get messed with aggressively. When I got there in June I paid my vendor fee for the first weekend and was planning on paying week to week. On like Thursday before my second weekend there front gate staff (Jessica & KK) and the owner Christina come yelling saying I hadn’t paid and that I had been there for way longer then I had. They had me pay $600 for 2 weekends and one of the weekends I wasn’t even there. The vendor fee was $150 and I’ve seen them do $250 if your not “family”. I was just scared and it was the middle of the night and didn’t know how else to get her to stop yelling at me. Turns out people were using my name to get into the park for free saying they were working for me :/ and thats probably what set her off. I was not there Memorial weekend and I have fun Facebook live videos to show I was still in FL but after that incident she was no where to be found. Hind sight is 20/20 and how that whole thing played out screams I need more money for ketamine. She said we could straighten everything out in the morning and that never happened. I was not surprised and it just motivated me to make more sales. So I would walk around the beach and in the woods with my basket and would crush it that way but then staff started giving me a hard time for not being at my booth. I thought it was weird cus thats kinda what everyone does there but I shrugged it off and went about my business.

So from there my car battery died and I kept getting told I would get help by front gate staff but it never happened. I didn’t want to ask too many people because I didn’t want people to know my car didn’t lock..I was by myself and aware of all the variables but kept my energy light. I paid the vendor fee week to week and around the 4th of July they started to fuck with me hard. They said I had to have my booth broken down I had to go but then they helped me move my car because my tire pressure was also low. They said I would be able to set up for the next weekend so I tried to chill organize my car and get my tires filled. Received no help again after being told I would get help and was was not aloud to set back up and now they were playing some fucked up mind game that they get away with way too much over there.
I ended up getting an air compressor from a camper to fill my tires and bounced so fast as I could. You can’t talk to crazy…

I had some errands and tasks to complete after leaving and before making my next move. The outside world is weird. Masks are required where I am currently located but honestly as long as people are being respectful of space and following guidelines there are no issues. I think I’ll be going to a Farm and then Cedar Point this coming weekend. Also I’ll be changing my oil before doing any long trips. I had a chance to clean my car and organize my whole life at my friend Summer Wind’s Home yesterday. It was so nice getting the opportunity to recalibrate and am so grateful for her letting me stay there a few nights. One of my cartridges went “missing” while I was there and that was disappointing but the universe shows you everything you need to see. Her mom also did not like my presence and my smell ended up bothering her so much she yelled at me for it (patchouli is not for everyone). I felt so bad and left so fast.

My friend Somble is sending me a necklace that I am so excited to receive. My birthday is in two weeks and it is a Birthday Gift to myself 🙂 I will probably go on a few more hikes and am bouncing around the area a little longer while I get my flute re-padded. Im going to check out a Castle and a few spots I had friends recommend. My birthday is the 10th and I’m pretty sure I’m going to see Tropidelic play at Coyote Grove. <3 Wishing everyone the best during this time.

Until Next Time ***

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