Newark Ohio
Just living it out
Pyro was amazing ! Business wise I did amazing. It felt like I got my grove back because business has been slow since the pandemic. Personally I felt so much judgement in the air and it was kind of sad. There was so much ego all i could say was “lego my ego” as the joke for the situation. I feel like Reggae Rise Up will be the last event I set up for this year and want to transition to making vip swag bags and headliner gift basket for music festivals and city events. I want to fire perform and focus my energy on other creative projects as I continue to grow and learn myself.

I feel a shift coming and I’m going to have to get super comfortable with the unknown. Even the way I travel has been shaken up ( in the best way possible). I’m in Tennessee right now prepping for Maypop Music Festival. I’m not vending and will just be there to support friends preforming. I have no idea what i’m going to do with myself so I’m taking this as an opportunity to listen to myself. We did not bring my car so I do not have my comfort items with me so this is definitely going to be different.

Currently hangin at the Hummingbird apothecary.

Until Next Time <3

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