Chillhowe VA
?Doing this thing where I take time for personal care not only physically but mentally too
✨I’m so non stop I have to remember to take time for my mental health and to love myself just as much as I love running my business
✨? Making the time to Meditate on the daily again
? Went to VA for a mini fest for Halloween
? Set up as EZ LIFE and met some beautiful souls on this trip
? Recorded a fun music video with Future Joy somewhere in there
? Found a cool Air Band B called the Barn Lodge with a hot tub ?
? Been trying different types of events with the business to shake things up? Finding my happy place everywhere and excited to be lining up the EZ LIFE schedule through next year
? Working on building the social media presence and trying to engage more. Follow @ezlifecbd if you aren’t already
? Staying busy around the house and getting the last room ready to Air B&B out
Been in the making mood and have made so many infused candies its silly
working on homemade pop tarts for Thanksgiving 🙂
? I hope everyone’s staying positive these days and finding their creative outlets
?Feel free to shop the website for your CBD goodies

Until Next Time ***

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