Tampa, FL
Life’s been pretty weird the last few months sticking around Florida until the New Year
There’s deff been ups and downs but I couldn’t t be more grateful to get to do what I love 
The farmers markets I have participated in, in the past, have seriously declined and it looks like I will be taking a break from them for a minute
Forcing growth and focusing on my online presence and pushing internet sales 
⭐️Excited to be a part of The Indie Flea Holiday General Store December 5th & 6th (12-4pm)
Focusing my energy on growing my social media platforms and driving more traffic to the website
It’s Definitely challenging because I still can use Facebooks or Instagram Shop or Promotion features because they still do not allow CBD advertising
It looks like the social media following has to grown organically
Follow @ezlifecbd on Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t already  
Or shop the website This Holiday Season 
Until Next Time <3

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