Yooo so life keeps doing that thing where it keeps showing me who’s boss. I went to Atlanta to help a friend vend Imagine Music Festival. I vended the last one and honestly it sucked. I wanted to see how it would be without so much pressure plus there was an event the following weekend she wanted me to vend too so it just seemed like a double whammy.
I drove up and a few hours after getting there the event was canceled. It was like bonnaroo flashbacks. I wasnt crazy disappointed I just was a little upset that I just did that drive. I played the game where I checked what other events where going to happen near where I was. There were some last minute pop up events but I honestly wasn’t trying to go out of the way to watch people do drugs and not shop. I feel like my attitude sucks but honestly i’m not wrong and I’m so over it. So grateful my gas was paid for and I went home to decompress and prep for the following weekend.
Up next Lost Lands! I’ll be helping with my friends booth and she did say I might be allowed to set up a small display in her space so I’m into that. This one is a super EDMy type festival and idk how thats going to go. The line up is pretty rad I do know a lot of Ohio people so i’m excited to see how it goes.

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