I’m not going to lie, it was a little disappointing driving from Florida to Tennessee just to turn around and go home. I was really excited to vend this one. The weather had other plans and I am honestly so grateful they made the safe decision.
It’s been a weird two years for the business. I was able to vend smaller events last year to hold things together but this year has been hard. Festivals are how I make a living and having them postponed or cancelled really effect what I have twerking here. I am trying to get more traffic online but until then I shake it down in real time. I don’t know what I can do to be more effective.
I played the game where I debated if I should try to vend a different event but my energy was pulled on pretty hard to go back to FL. I may be vending Imagine with Spunglasses next week. I vended Imagine 2 years ago in their campground section called Camp Royale. It was not a successful event for me so I wanted to see how it goes this time with less risk.
I’m trying to do the things that make me happy while sharing my bad ass product line. Getting ready for Reggae Rise Up next and I will have 2 tickets to do a giveaway with. I will be posting details and instructions on my Instagram Monday.

Until Next Time <3

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