Morning View Kentucky
So I started heading towards Kentucky last Tuesday. I stoped at Hocking Hills State Park and walked a piece of the Buckeye Trail. I saw the Old Man’s Cave and definitely saw a new perspective from the inside looking out. The scenery was beautiful and from there I made my way to the Birds of a Feather Festival in Kentucky. It was amazing. I bumped into my friend Penny Lane, got to do my thing, and had so much fun. The event was on a race track so I took out the roller skates every morning and just got to be myself. Perfect self expression is a beautiful thing. I sang, I danced, caught some music, sold some product, and just vibed out. I can’t lie, Tropidelic was my favorite and I think I might be in love with their sound. Their horns are amazing and that boy can deliver a verse like nobodies business. I had so many fun outfit changes and it was awesome to be in a setting that was so positive.

Up next I have a Spanish Speaking Festival in Tennessee that I am so pumped for. I’m excited to be immersed in the language and see how much Spanish comes out of me. It’s definitely going to be an experience. I’ll be hitting some National Parks before getting there and am just so happy to be on this adventure and grateful for every step thats brought me to this point.

Until Next Time *:]

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