This was my second time going down to the Everglades for this event. The drive always takes forever! The GPS said it’d be 3.5 hours and it was definitely closer to 4.5 hours. It’s honestly a beautiful drive and you can find so scenic routed once you hit the Everglades. The festival was at a campground call Trail Lake campground and it is so cute. It’s a wild life preserve and the stars at night out there are amazing. I love the jam bands that came out and I love getting to vibe out in the middle of nowhere. I did a lot of journaling to Free Range Strange and Grass is Dead. Those were the two bands I loved watching the most. Im excited the the owner bought some product to put in the gift shop. The support is so appreciated. I’ll definitely be back for the next one and hopefully I can spend some more time and enjoy the area more. I saw a few hikes I’m definitely going to make happen next time and I’m deff going to kayak at least once out there.
I have a few small markets this month and am so grateful for all the beautiful people who continue to support my small business. I had a friend invite me to vend Brainquility with her and I’m really considering it. I asked to to check with the coordinators and if it’s cool, I’m in.
Right now I’m looking into getting a converted sprinter or a small RV or even a short bus. If I could get sponsored that would be amazing but until then…. I’m looking for something I can drive into cities when I go to use my business club membership I like to travel with. I’ll be vending a few big festivals and will pick up more events as I go. I need a ton of storage and will be traveling with my partner (who’s a super amazing musician) and his service animal. I’m not sure if i’m going to have to do some of the conversion myself or what I’m going to be able to pull off but i have a busy 2022 schedule and this beautiful life to live.
Until next time <3

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