Tenesse has been amazing. I stopped at a friends house and she ended up helping me book a retail/wholesale show. It was a little slow but it was nice playing with my display and trying something new. I found some greenery panels at a price I’m very happy with. It came attached to a frame that I’m going to end up making something cool with for Of the Werewolves Fantasy Festival. I’m prepping for Imagine now and am looking forward to working it!

The friend that I’ve been staying with was gifted VIP tickets to go and we are going to have the best time. I’ve vended this event as myself before and it was a dumpster fire. I’m happy I don’t have the same pressure going in this time around. This event honestly gives me money grab vibes. I literally made $30 in a campground section they didn’t put on the map and a sound cap with 24/7 music that nobody came through to visit. I paid like 1200 dollars to be there and was so disappointed in how that played out. I learned that year that CBD doesn’t do well at EDM shows. I definitely try to find events that are more conscious. Grateful to know what works for me and that doesn’t 🙂

Until Next Time <3

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