So I was stying in Tennessee because it was a nice Midway point before heading to Atlanta for Imagine Music Festival. I was asked to help with the Spunglasses booth for Imagine and Lost Lands so it felt like it lined up perfect. Unfortunately what was discussed and what actually happened were not the same thing. I even spoke up and said something to try to correct/remedy the situation but that did not work at all and showed me how little mutual respect there was within the working relationship. After being told that they didn’t want me to collect their money because I said I was there to make money… I straight up said I would not be attending Lost Lands. My time and energy was being disrespected and words and actions were not aligning. Why would I drive all the way to Ohio to have my payment arrangement changed after the fact? My hours literally were cut to nothing and she tried to play the blame game saying my biggest concern were the tips I could make and honestly I showed up to work and did not get to work.
She refused to take accountability for her role in the situation and told me I was making assumptions regarding pay and then tried to say I was on my phone when I did come to work which was not true (I waited to be signed into square when I arrived early). Also homeboy threw his cannabis at me and told me to go for a walk when the dogs cam around and it was a very me or you mentality. Homegirl kept playing with how I could use my time. She was telling me to rest during the day so I could work a night shift that ended up not happening… twice. I could have sold flower crowns during the day and really felt like she was playing with my money. I have this super power where I just end up collecting a lot of tips when its an option and thats honestly what made her uncomfortable. If I don’t work hours I can’t make tips which is like double fucked up. The event ended up being slower for her than expected which I was trying too be understanding of but she was really trying to play me for stupid. It was clear she wasn’t making the money she’s needed to be to justify paying me but forgot that I’m a person and need clear communication no matter the circumstance. After all the blaming I blocked her on messenger and didnt want the payment she was offering for what I did work. It felt like a dirty energy exchange and I wanted no part of that. She kept asking for my cash app even though she has my Venmo and can pay me through Facebook but it was a dance around actually being able to send payment. Oh well.

I’m awesome and I don’t sit in that victim mentality so I made the best of the time I did have. I met up with some girl friends we shopped at Noralina Freedom designs and I bought two items and am very happy with them. I got to hang out with another girlfriend and caught up and it was very nice seeing her again. I got to see some pretty dope music and the stages were so dope. I even got to meet the guy who designs that shit too. Totally lost my debit card and I’m heading back to Tennessee to hang out at a friends to figure out my next move from there.

Until Next Time <3

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