So I was gifted a ticket to go see Clozee at the Caverns! What was silly was the girl I’ve been staying with was also gifted a ticket for this event. I usually don’t just go to events for fun but I have no chill and figured I would just sell flower crowns in the campground. After arriving to the festival and seeing the vendors it felt rude to do that so I didnt. Especially because I know so many of them and one lady was selling crowns so it was a no go for me.

We arrived a little late and almost didn’t get to see the show the first night. They ended up letting us get a wrist band but wouldn’t let us enter the campground until the following morning. That Friday night set was soooooooo good. We set up the next morning and walked around to see what the vibes were. They had the jelly dome set up and that is one of my favorite live art installations to bump into when I’m popping up at events. I played on the yoga swings and regular swings for awhile and my friend put up posters and promoted her upcoming festival in Knoxville called Of the Werewolves. I got to take a picture with Clozee and with the artist from a hundred drums. Carolina knew who she was before we got there and it was my first time hearing her play and it was dope! Reggae and trap is a frequency I dint know my brain needed. The second night of Clozee was so beautiful but I also loved getting to catch the Jason Leech and Daily Bread Set. I went to bed so happy and woke up pretty late the next morning.

The last day I felt so sleepy. I tried to take it easy, got ready for the night and was so excited to see Zingara perform. By the time her set came up I was so tired I had to start walking back to my camp. I did not want to be remembered as the girl who fell asleep on a rock at the Clozee concert. I got some rest and woke up early to stretch and do some yoga in the Jelly dome. I had an amazing morning the packed up to go back to my friends place in Tennessee. after I realized I lost mh name plat necklace and after posting about it in the group on Facebook this girl is making it back to me! Overall amazing crowd production was clean AF and I had he best time.

Until Next Time <3

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